LULAC would like to offer our sincere condolences to the family of Ms. Tibbetts. This is a tragedy for the family, friends, and community of Iowa; a tragedy that is being felt by the entire nation. As part of one of the oldest surviving civil rights organizations, LULAC of Iowa firmly believes in the dignity of the laws of this land, and hopes that Ms. Tibbetts's killer can be brought to justice.

Unfortunately, we understand this tragedy will be a rallying point for anti-immigration advocates across Iowa, and the nation, including by some politicians to advance political agendas.

We would like to remind everyone that this was a horrendous act committed by one individual and should not be an indictment on any one community as a whole. LULAC, as mentioned above, condemns that individual.

In these trying times, we can only hope that we as Iowans can come together in common support of the Tibbetts family and the entire Brooklyn community.

Now is not the time to politicize a senseless death. There is only one person responsible for this tragedy, and we firmly hope that person is held accountable. At this time, we only wish to express our deep condolences and our common grief with those who have suffered, and those yet to suffer, from this tragedy.

Michel R. Reyes

Iowa LULAC State Director


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